The door on my 1997 Chevy C/K 2500 makes a grinding noise when I close it. Is it the bushings, or something else?   Look at the top of the upper door hinge to see if the door side of the hinge is coming into direct contact with the body side of the hinge. This is the likely cause of the grinding noise. It is the result of a worn out top bushing upper door hinge.
I have replaced the drivers’ side door hinge pins and bushings on my 1995 S-10 twice. I was careful to lubricate them regularly, but they still wore out just like the first set. How can I prevent this from happening again?  
It is very difficult to effectively lubricate the factory style bushings. When our replacement bushings are installed, grease can then be injected directly into the pin and bushing contact area. Naturally this greatly extends the life of the bushings.

I am preparing to order your door hinge repair kit for my 1994 S-10. How do I know whether I need the bronze, or steel kit?

  For the late 1994 application, the bronze kit contains greaseable bronze bushings for the UPPER door hinge, and standard non-greaseable bushings for the LOWER door hinge. A steel kit is also available for this application. Which kit you will want for your application, is for you to decide. If your vehicle is used in a “commercial” application? Then the greaseable steel kit is probably the best. The early 1994 (’82-’94) kit is only available with steel greaseable bushings for both the upper and lower hinge.
I know that my 1994 S-10 can have either the “early” or “late” style door hinges. How do I tell the difference? If your door hinge pins have the barrel type retainer? Then you have the “early” style hinges.
Our 2000 Silverado/Sierra has worn out door hinges. We took it to the dealer to have this repaired. We were given an estimate of over $800.00 to repair the door hinges. Is this possible? Yes, it is very possible! The door hinges on the “new body style” GM trucks are quite different  and consist of two door side hinge hinges, and two body side hinges. A total of four pieces, each one is over $103.00 ($412.00). The door side portion of the hinge has no moving parts, so it rarely needs replacement. The body side of the hinge is normally the one that requires repair. Using the GM method body shop times to replace the body side hinges on one door are 12 hours. It requires removal of most of the interior, dash, and steering column; electrical buss panel and harness among other things. As you can see an $800.00 quote is normal using the GM procedure. This is why we developed a solution to this problem, which requires only two hours.
Can the 1988-1998 C/K hinge repair products be used on GMC and Chevrolet medium duty trucks? Yes, the hinges, and doors are the same for 1988-1998 C/K and Kodiak/Top Kick medium duty trucks. Vehicles in commercial service should use the steel bushings.
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