1999 and up “New body style”

includes 1999-2003 Silverado/Sierra, 2000-2003 Tahoe/Yukon/Denali/Escalade, Suburban/Yukon XL models, and 2002-2003 Avalanche/Escalade XL models


Beginning with the 1999 model year, GM introduced a new generation  door hinges on their truck line. The new generation of hinges were initially only available on the Silverado/Sierra trucks. But eventually it became standard on all of the full sized truck line.

The new hinge is a very ingenious design, and some long standing GM door hinge design problems were effectively addressed. The primary improvement was the elimination of the “door check” feature from the hinge. The door check, with its’ heavy spring has resulted in the premature failure of many door hinges. This feature is now a separate function built into the center portion of the door jam.

The previous design utilized two pressed in replaceable bushings, and a single pin per hinge. The new hinge is designed for two non-serviceable, Teflon lined bushings. These Teflon liners appear to be sacrificial, and allow a certain small amount of movement within the hinge assembly at the factory.

Where as the previous hinge used a single pin, the new design uses two non-serviceable pins, which are swaged in place.

No service parts are available to repair the new style hinges. As good as this hinge design is, it can, and will eventually wear out. Once this happens the only cure is to cut the body side of the hinge off  and bolt a new one on.  A costly process!  The door side of the hinge has no moving parts, and therefore normally does not require replacement. However the two body side hinges will require replacement, at $103.00 each, and twelve hours labor for installation.  This in itself, adds up to a very costly repair, and unfortunately this repair will eventually wear out just as the original did.

Therefore we developed a much more cost effective solution to this problem.

Our design can be quickly installed, and lubricated with a grease gun. After all a lack of lubrication is the root cause of many door hinge failures.  Our system can be installed by virtually anyone, not necessarily a body shop.  Click here to view a before and after image.

Click here, for our installation pages, to see how this is possible.