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We have solved the problem of sagging doors on these
Trucks, TOO!

In response to the many requests we have had over the years by GM truck owners to address the same sagging door problem that we have so effectively solved on GM F-bodies, we have enhanced our abilities and used the same expertise, and technology we gained from our F-body program, in creating more solutions, for truck owners too. 

As a result we can now solve the sagging door problems on the following GM trucks;

82-current S-10 and S-10 type vehicles.

88 to current GM full sized (C/K) pickups, and similar vehicles, Suburban, Blazer, etc.

99 to current Silverado/Sierra (the new body style trucks)

  • 99- 2000 Silverado/Sierra and similar vehicles

  • 2001-current all full sized trucks, and similar vehicles

Each of these applications offered unique problems, and we responded with equally unique solutions.

Our patented repair pin and bushing assembly is the easiest solution to the most annoying problem on your GM Truck