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In early 2000 GM replacement hinges began to incorporate a stamped sheet metal bushing which utilized TeflonŽ lining inside the bushings. The lining works very well when the bushing is new, but the sheer weight of the forces at work within the hinge will quickly swage the lining materiel from the bushings. The new style bushings cannot be replaced with the old style bushings, therefore the new style can only be replaced with new style. Beginning with the 2003 model year all new GM medium duty trucks use the new style bushings. The new style bushing simply cannot match the structural integrity of the old style bushings. They have a much smaller surface area, of a stamped construction, and have a TeflonŽ type lining.


We have developed a special bushing to be used in place of this new style bushing. Our bushing incorporates a provision for pressure lubrication, and has enhanced structural integrity. Installation of our bushing requires drilling the original bushing location slightly oversize to accept our bushing which is a press fit.

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Our unique GMC medium duty truck hinge repair system