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We have developed a system (patented pending) of repairing the door hinges on GM Medium Duty Trucks that is unsurpassed the history of these trucks. 

Our innovative product can restore the door hinges on these trucks to better than original factory condition. They are also greasable with an ordinary hand operated grease gun. Our system also repairs the door hinge pin ‘anchor’ locations, which would otherwise require replacement of the entire door hinge.

To achieve this we have applied aerospace technology with an advanced high accuracy computer controlled machining process. Our resulting product has finally solved the age old sagging door problem on these and similar vehicles. We offer our repair kits on a ‘commercial’ application basis. We can also supply these to the professional restorer on request.

If you are interested in our commercial truck products please contact us directly for a quotation, demonstration, or our growing customer list.

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Our unique GMC medium duty truck hinge repair system