Just fitted your door hinge kit to my 1984 camaro yesterday.  Took me three hours as I replaced some other parts so it would have taken me about two and a half hours jut for the hinges top and bottom.
It is a brilliant kit. I didn't know the hinges were that bad.  The door closes now much better and all the creaking and banging of the door moving up and down has gone, one thing I did not count on was now the door fits right when I washed the car no water came in through the edge of the window ( the car is a t top ) and there has always been a slight dribble.

many thanks
A. Gray (from the united kingdom)




Just to let you know the package arrived safely yesterday.
I installed the kit with your instructions today and the result is here : NO MORE SAGGING !!!!!!!

I am very happy with it.

Thanks a lot.

Guillaume Beuzit 

Essonne , France


I received the kit yesterday in the mail.  It took me about 2 and a half hours to install using basic hand tools and a Dremel.  I installed this kit on the drivers door.  My Camaro is a 1991 RS, and the door itself came from a 1984 donor car.  I am a basic mechanic.  I know very little about machining or body work.  This is a first time for me getting this technical with a car door.  After installation and adjustment, as per directions, the problem this kit was supposed to fix, did an excellent job.  I am most happy with the results.  I will recommend this kit to all other f-body owners I know.  

Thank you,

tony sanchez, rincon ga.

     I installed your greasable hingepins on my 1988 GTA.  As per your photos, my old pins were worn, and the serations were gone completely from the original bushing.  The greasable pins installed easily.  The most time consuming part is grinding the heads off the old rivets.  Once the pins were installed, I greased them, and moved the door through its full arc to spread the grease evenly throughout the bushings.      
   The doors both open and close like a new car.  There is no bumpiness in the motion, they do not need to be slammed, and best of all, they do not rub on the ground effects.  Much of the creaking and groaning I was used to is now gone, and if you open the door, and lift on them, the entire car moves, not just the door.
    I honestly cannot say enough good things about these hinges, or your service.  You have been a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend his product to anyone with a third gen Camaro or Firebird.   


Richard Sawkins 


The CD is an excellent asset for any serious third-gen owner.  Thanx for putting it all together.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Frels 

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OMG!! ANDYZ28 and brake kit!

Just finished the disc brake conversion supplied by ANDYZ28, and what a difference!! I even still had some air in my lines, and the car literally will stop on a dime!! No fade that I can tell either.

Kit was very easy to install and included everything I needed. It came with top quality components (PBR, Earl's, etc.) I even called him up about a question on a bracket, and 'tech support' was excellent!

I will definitely be buying more parts from him!!

Thanks Andy!!


Also look at the 3rd Gen tech board at: