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Hinge replacement
according to the
GM Service Manual

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Our kit contains all required parts for repair of the upper door hinge to regain the original structural integrity.  The advantage to our kit over any other available solution, is that you do not have to remove the old hinges, or adjust door alignment. 
All you need do is remove the old worn pins and bushings and install our kit - probably no more than a two hour job.




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It is no longer necessary to replace the entire upper hinge assembly.

Restore your doors to fit as they did from the factory.  We have been able to do this by designing and developing a replacement upper door hinge pin and bushing set. 

As outlined in the GM service manual, replacement of the whole hinge assembly is quite a project! The factory hinge is actually welded to the door, so it must be cut off, and a replacement GM hinge assembly attached with bolts. I have done this job on both upper door hinges on my '82 Z-28 project car. After that horrendous experience, I vowed that I would never again tackle this job for anyone.

When I got my '86 IROC-Z it had some accident damage to the drivers side which required replacing the left door and fender. I obtained a donor door from another 86 which had relatively low mileage. Even on this door the upper door hinge was already worn out. I was not about to also mutilate this door to replace the entire upper door hinge assembly. Not wanting to relive my earlier experience, I just knew there had to be a better way! So I set my mind to the problem, and after much thought I had two replacement hinge pins and bushings custom made for this door.

Several Third Gen F-body owners saw my handy work and asked if I could fix their doors too. This is the reason that I have made some slight modifications/improvements to my original design and now offer them for sale to other Third Gen F body owners.

It really is a pretty slick set up! It can usually be done in about two hours.


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