Why do I need your pins and bushings for my door,when it seems that I can get the pins and bushings from my dealer or accessories stores for $4.00?   The $4.00 pins and bushings you can get from the dealer are only for the lower door hinge. Our replacement pins and bushings are for the upper door hinge. GM only sells the complete hinge assembly for the upper door hinge, GM part# 12392848 @$57.19 ea. You must then cut or grind your old hinge off of the door, then drill holes in the door to install the new hinge with bolts and a doubler plate, not welded!
I have heard of some people using a special tool that attaches to the door latch to bend the door hinges up to stop the door from sagging. Why can't I just do this?  
This method is very much like using Fix-A-Flat to remedy a flat tire. It's OK in an emergency, but you will have to get the tire properly repaired anyway.

I noticed that the little roller on my lower door hinge is completely worn out. I want to fix it while I am installing your UPPER door hinge repair kit. Where can I get the parts do fix it?

  You will need GM part# 20314681 LOWER body side hinge strap (drivers side), or GM part# 20314680 (passenger side). This comes with a NEW roller attached, and if your LOWER bushings were loose, they will now fit nice and tight in the new part.
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