If you are contemplating an upgrade to the 1LE front brake package, or if you are just curious about it - Then this NEW CD is a


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What do you get?

It contains over 300 annotated Digital Images covering 21 different 3rd generation F body topics.  These are cutaway images and extreme close-ups, to guide you through these projects in a way that words alone just can't accomplish.

Hi Andy,

I bought your CD because I'm planning to upgrade my brake system.

I'm writing to you because I want to say thanks for the masterpiece that you made.  It almost looks easy, but I'm sure that your CD will help a lot.

Thank you very much.


Robert Balbuena
Boston, Ma.

Why 1LE + ?

The Plus (+) is for all of the valuable information on other 3rd Generation Solutions you will find on this CD.  Besides the 1LE brake upgrade, you get valuable information on rear axle drum-to-disc conversion and important, and previously unpublished information about the "spindle modification", required when doing the 1LE front brake conversion, and...

Well, just take a look at the Table of Contents:
  1. 1LE front brake conversion
    Stock vs 1LE Components
    Spindle Modification
    Spindle Identification
    Parts Required
    Combination Valve
    Wheel Fitment
    Project Car
    Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Rear axle drum-to-disc conversion
  3. Pre ’89 rear disc brake comparison (Delco-Moraine)
  4. Brake lines, early to late style
  5. Body integrity
  6. Sagging doors
  7. Subframe connector installation
  8. Spare tire problem
  9. Transmission cooler install
  10. Converting of A.I.R. pump into an idler pulley
  11. TH700R4 install into an `82
  12. Audio conversions
  13. Steering geometry
  14. Conversion to Serpentine belt drive
  15. Axle removal & reinstallation
  16. Sample RPO tags
  17. Mistakes I made
  18. S-10 center caps on 16” Z28 wheels
  19. The “Wonder Bar”
  20. Spring Rate Chart
  21. Brake Edge Codes


Order the 1LE+ CD Here

Some of you will remember that we used to try to give you some of this information right from this web site.  The problem is that large numbers of good, quality photos just take too long to access over the internet.  In short, it  just didn't work...

Plus, with this CD, we have been able to include many more cutaway images and extreme close-ups and integrate the photos and instructions to give you the best available guide to completing your project.  

That's why you can now order your very own copy to refer back to as often as you like, without needing access to the web site.  Just pop the CD into a computer, and click to the section you need to review.