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As Seen in the March 2006 issue of

We have solved the problem of sagging doors on these cars!

If your 3rd Gen Camaro or Firebird (the F Body) suffers from sagging doors.  We offer the only practical solution to this nagging problem!

Compare a pin and bushing taken from our project Camaro.  These parts are typical of what we have seen from many of these cars. 

View before and after comparisons of full hinge assemblies.

    "I installed your greaseable hinge-pins on my 1988 GTA.  As per your photos, my old pins were worn, and the serrations were gone completely from the original bushing.  The greaseable pins installed easily.  The most time consuming part is grinding the heads off the old rivets.  Once the pins were installed, I greased them, and moved the door through its full arc to spread the grease evenly throughout the bushings. 
    The doors both open and close like a new car.  There is no bumpiness in the motion, they do not need to be slammed, and best of all, they do not rub on the ground effects.  Much of the creaking and groaning I was used to is now gone, and if you open the door, and lift on them, the entire car moves, not just the door.
     I honestly cannot say enough good things about these hinges, or your service.  You have been a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend this product to anyone with a third gen Camaro or Firebird."
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Our patented repair pin and bushing assembly is the easiest solution to the most annoying problem on your 3rd gen/F-body


Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the 1LE brake package upgrade, we have developed the 1LE Plus CD containing over 300 digital images with annotations describing the modification and assembly process in great detail.

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